Download Game Android Final Fantasy Awakening v 1.4.2

Download Game Android Final Fantasy Awakening v 1.4.2

Download Game Android Final Fantasy Awakening v 1.4.2 --- Game Final Fantasi Versi android Final Fantasy Awakening terbaru, silahkan download disini gratis. Game ini merupakan game final fantasy series versi android yang jalan ceritanya sama dengan Final Fantasy Tpe-0 Di game PPSSPP.

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Download Final Fantasy Awakening v1.4.2

Info Game :

Name of Game : Final Fantasy: Awakening v1.4.2 Apk
Versions Game : 1.4.2
Size : 384.82 Mb
More Info : Google Play

Fitur Game :

  • Graphic not too wow really, but it is also not bad, but the standard is actually a bit disappointed as well why not create a wow and that would have been better than the beta test yesterday.
  • The action RPG genre angel asymmetric topdown camera sort of dragon king, hit, evilbane, kritika, dungeon hunter series, etc. but the town is not just the lobby.
  • Gatcha collection system which collects character, when the quest to bring 3 char, char 1char we controlled two NPC but we are special skills that trigger when a full bar.
  • Skill cool effect no special skill and all the char disparate, the most special characteristic such as Final Fantasy series itself is summoned.
  • At a certain level we can call a summon to the design and animation that cool and destructive effect that unusual and kind summoned many types are all taken from the FF series such as "Odin".
  • Story took the same timeline with FinalFantasy Type 0 (PSP) could say this is actually the same game but with a focus on our own homemade char with a special model of online action RPG moblie.
  • Game Online, Chinese, size only 600MB

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