Download Game Android Senki Imperial from hero 1.4.5

Senki Imperial from hero * Senki ~ Pretty war rpg ~ 1.4.5

In-app purchasesYes
Size32.13 MB
Current Version1.4.5
Installs100,000 - 500,000
Rating average :aggregateRating(3.9 out of 5)
Rating users1,416
RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up
Content RatingTeen
Package name: com.aiming.senkiImperial

Game Membangun kerajaan keren, Deskripsi:

◆ the Senki Imperial from hero * Senki? ◆ 
Moe degrees max and cute Pretty ☆ heroes of, aim world domination! 
Nine fantasy city, which is fall by a person claiming to be 'the Creator'. 
You who became the angels of heaven, in cooperation with the historical hero who became a cute beautiful girl regained fantasy city, we aim to conquer the world. There 
Street building, there is war, is a free full-scale simulation rpg elements speedrun of there training full. 
Illustrator is just celebrities, including Mr. Daiyari reed people. 
Cute beautiful girl who becomes the card, you have to rampage in the map and dungeons! 
'But, probably unfavorable game and start from after?' 
There is no such a thing ☆ 
regularly new world is open anyone is a free game that there is a chance to get used to the strongest since! 
Not a simple card battle game! 
Cute, world domination with the handy free full-scale simulation rpg 
'Senki Imperial from hero * Senki' 
Moe degree max beautiful girl who the aim! 
◆ * o..o * ◆ * o..o * ◆ * o..o * ◆ * o..o * ◆ 
is recommended for this! 
◆ * o..o * ◆ * o..o * ◆ * o..o * ◆ * o..o * ◆ 
* cute beautiful girl to sprout want to gather the strongest members to training! 
* Want to make your own city! 
* Is called a full-fledged war game Battle for free! 
* Want to easy but I run a number on someone simulation rpg! 
* Want to various people and the game! 

Senki Imperial from hero * Senki ~ Pretty war rpg ~ Screenshots

Senki Imperial from hero * Senki ~ Pretty war rpg ~ Video Trailer or Demo

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