Download Game Android Need for Speed Edge Mobile

Need for speed edge mobile
Share game Balapan Terbaru, Game ini grafiknya HD gak kalah sama Grafiknya RR3 dijamin joss. Ditambah dengan interface yang baru. Dan peningkatan Sound dan Effect yang ditingkatkan.

Download Need for speed edge mobile Android free game.
NFS Edge

NFS Edge


NFS Edge

NFS Edge

Game description: 
Need for speed edge mobile - get into a driver's chair of a sports car and rush along the city streets, highways and other tracks. Participate in exciting street race on the tracks of this Android game. Hold the wheel stronger and step on the gas to speed up your car to maximum. Complete engrossing missions, get worthy rewards and unlock new cars of the world's leading producers. Challenge players from all over the world and win races. Get daily prizes, upgrade your cars.

Game features:

>Excellent graphics and sound
>Over 40 cars
>Different game modes
>Compete with friends

The game requires an Internet connection

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