Download Game Android Lost Regalia 1.5.1

Kali ini saya share game yang keren sobat, game ini bernama  Lost Regalia, tentu saja game berGameplay MMORPG ini sangat memukau, kualitas grafiknya yang sangat baik tentu akan meghibur sobat,.

In-app purchasesYes
Size43.20 MB
Current Version1.5.1
Installs500,000 - 1,000,000
Rating average :aggregateRating(3.6 out of 5)
Rating users6,644
RequirementsAndroid 4.0 and up
Content RatingTeen
Package name: com.aiming.losrega

◆ ◇ the lost regalia? ◇ ◆ the drawn fantastic world to stage a high-quality full 3d graphics which is not as good as in the 
home game, is at the same time play rpg with the tens of thousands. Is an adventurer you are the favorite one to select from five of occupation, can be a challenge in a number of quests and formidable enemy we still unseen comrades and up to five party. From feel free to play what one person in, you can choose freely how to play, such as those to exploit together the fellow and power.
■ only the number of encounter strongly accustomed rpg
overwhelming multiplayer play simultaneously!
Tough flame enemy in one person also, be overcome by cooperation with the comrades! Together with his friends, not seen yet, trying to adventure vast world Shi made of the gods!
■ Anyone peace of mind of the auto function
even a beginner, what lifestyle as you enjoy a handy adventure in, with an automatic function of enhancement. Move in one tap is also fighting are easy! Such as a further condition to use the skills, because that can be setting to their liking, you can also enjoy highly strategic battle.
■ adventure
fellow world span buddy raised is not just nothing player. Quirky buddy 'riding pet' will at any time support your adventure. Let Meguro came in from the vast world to grow a buddy!
■ 5 one of the profession, a variety of avatars, you can get used to what's
quirky five Occupation
warrior: Nagiharau the enemy puppet large sword , Gowan of veteran
twin swordsman: quick cut off the life of the enemy in the movement, twin sword of assassins
Misaochishi: exhausted hunt the enemy by the force of the blood, magic of the heir
Mashirubeshi: puppet fire and ice, spirits of consumer
priests turn into the enemy and ashes: save a fellow at the healing light, party of guardian angel
further , customize your character in a variety of avatars! Trying to foster original character! ===================================== 

Lost Regalia Screenshot

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